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Are you familiar with medicinal mushrooms? The company, Real Mushrooms is the best - the mushrooms are organic and the extraction methods are very high quality.  Many so-called medicinal mushrooms on the market these days do not contain any actual mushrooms, and instead contain fillers, like mycelium. 

I use Reishi mushroom powder daily for its potential immune-enhancing, anti-inflammatory qualities. There is a reason it's nicknamed "the mushroom of immortality". I enjoy it as a tea or in soups, broths, or smoothies.  It is bitter tasting, but I got used to it quickly and I like the taste now. Bitter taste is so good for our digestion! Capsules are a good alternative, too.

I like lion's mane powder for its memory, focus and brain enhancing potential. As a busy full-time grad student, I need all the help I can get!

Don't get me started on the Mushroom Chocolate 5 Defenders bars! All the mushroomy benefits of five varieties of medicinal mushrooms in a tasty chocolate form! Can't beat it. They sell out quickly, for good reason.

If you are vegan like me and need to supplement with a vegan source of vitamin D, I love the Vitamin D from Organic Mushrooms capsules. I take it daily and you may want to consider it, if you need it.

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