Let's Connect and Support Each Other During This Crisis.

We will get through this together.

>Private sessions

>Semi-private sessions

>Private group sessions (you create the group!)

Private, semi-private or private group sessions are available for the three offerings below. Gather some friends and/or family members and partake in any of these three services for your own private Zoom class!

  • Yoga Nidra (guided meditation for deep sleep) (60 min.)

  • Meditation (60 min.)

  • Grief yoga (90 min.)

Herbal wellness consultations:  over Zoom (private sessions, up to 90 min.)

GONG NEWS! Great news, I am now offering 30 and 60 minute in-person Gong Therapy sessions for a limited time only (outside, masked and social-distanced for 1-2 people only). Weather permitting. 

Contact me for pricing and scheduling.

Sliding scale available for all services. 


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