Surrender to the vibrations of sonic medicine

What happens when we experience a full body sound and vibration massage? We as humans, who are made up of mostly water, start to vibrate in resonance with this incredible instrument, thereby effecting all of our body's cells.

Among the variety of potential benefits of the gong are:

  • A sense of security and grounding;

  • Opening the higher chakras (energy centers); 

  • Pain management (particularly migraines);

  • Especially soothing for high vata constitutions, i.e., calming and unplugging the overactive mind, reducing anxiety, worry and overwhelm and relief for insomnia; 

  • Encourages deep relaxation and a meditative state;

  • Trauma and PTSD symptoms;

  • Promotes emotional release when working through grief, by moving stuck energy, and breaking and releasing emotional and energetic blocks.

The sounds are oftentimes magical and have been described as ethereal, cosmic, like being in outer space and also likened to ocean waves crashing over us.  The sounds can also be loud and intense, at times, to promote a deep release for the nervous system. 

The gong activates the parasympathetic nervous system (also known as the “rest and digest” system), nourishing us energetically, thereby reducing stress and soothing the overly taxed sympathetic “fight or flight” nervous system that we tend to live in during these busy, stressful times. The gong is an instrument of vast healing potential, particularly suited for soothing the nervous system.

A gong therapy session is a one-on-one private session, customized to your specific needs based on an intake questionnaire you complete at the beginning of the session.  A typical session lasts one hour and may also include breath work (pranayama), mantra, affirmations, stretching and/or mudras.

Gong therapy is an ideal companion to talk therapy, yoga/meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, Reiki and many other modalities as well as conventional medical treatments.

This is a powerful practice.

Private Gong Therapy sessions are available at Yoga Bliss in Tuscaloosa.


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