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If you a grieving a loss, this heart-centered and vulnerable practice honors love as a sacred healing channel.

"Grief is the healing process that helps us deal with the loss of a loved-one. Grief does not have a clear beginning or clear end to it. Rather, it is a reflection of feelings surrounding the loss. Grief will ebb and flow throughout our life after a loss. We don’t get over the loss of someone, but we learn to live with that loss. We also will eventually remember and honor our loved one without feeling pain. We will grieve as long as we need to.If you have loved deeply, you will grieve deeply." -David Kessler (GRIEF.COM)

There are so many reasons we grieve. We are all collectively grieving for the loss of our "normal" life during this pandemic and for loved ones who we have lost. 

This profound practice uses breath, movement, sound and ritual to release pent up emotions in order to connect more deeply to love rather than to pain or struggle.

Private group classes available.


"Grief yoga sounded interesting, but I had no idea how powerful it was. In my first class I had an amazing breakthrough. I went home feeling refreshed, and like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. In my opinion, it’s more effective than traditional therapy. The results were tangible and immediate."

-T., student who attended two Grief Yoga workshops. 

Grief Yoga: Classes
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