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Wellness consultations available in person or via Zoom to discuss health and wellness concerns or issues.

Have you been struggling with a health and wellness concern and would like some suggestions on how to balance your mind, body or spirit with herbs for the physical and emotional bodies and practices aligned with your goals? This is not a "this herb for that symptom" kind of practice; it is personalized based on your individual constitution (make up of elements) and works with root causes rather than masking symptoms. The initial consultation consists of an open discussion of up to 90 minutes, and after this meeting, I do my research and later offer written suggestions of herbal preparations, especially in the Ayurvedic tradition, practices including dream work, yoga, meditation, journaling and many other natural techniques. Be prepared to go deep.

A minimum of three consultations are suggested in order to follow up and adjust as needed. The initial meeting is up to 90 minutes and follow ups are up to 60 minutes each. We are in this together, as a team.

Sessions are available in person or online via Zoom, during this time of COVID-19 and social distancing.


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