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Available via Zoom and in-person

Have you been struggling with a health and wellness concern and would like suggestions on how to balance your mind, body and spirit with herbs for physical and emotional health? This is not a "this herb for that symptom" kind of practice. It is personalized based on your individual constitution (make up of the elements of fire, air, ether, earth and water) and works to address root causes of issues rather than merely masking symptoms.

A minimum of three to four sessions are needed in order to discuss, educate, follow up and make adjustments, if needed.

During the initial consultation, we discuss your concerns and this allows me to gain insight into your situation and history.  Within a week or so after the initial meeting, I provide a written protocol, which in addition to herbs, vitamins and/or supplements, may include other supportive practices, such as meditation, breath work, journaling and other mindful practices. Be prepared for a deep dive.

During the second meeting, we discuss the written protocol and I provide education on the recommended herbs, practices, preparations, etc. 

The third meeting occurs about one month after you've been following the protocol to discuss progress, any issues or concerns.

The fourth meeting is 3 to 6 months later to ensure long-term success, and to integrate any necessary adjustments to the protocol to move away from short-term use herbs. 

We are in this together, as a team. You can email me anytime with questions between meetings.

Sessions are available in-person or online via Zoom. Each session is $100.

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