Still the mind with breath and meditation.

Let's start with the present moment. How are you feeling at this moment? Close your eyes, place your feet flat on the floor if you are sitting in a chair and place your hands in your lap. Are you having lots of thoughts buzzing around, creating to do lists, wondering why you are doing this, or are you at ease? Take a deep breath and simply notice how it feels on the inhalation and the exhalation. No judgment. Tune in and be honest with yourself.

We work with a busy mind using pranayama, or conscious breath work, to slow it down. By changing our breath patterns, we can affect deep changes in our consciousness and our reality. Likewise, we can surrender the mind's chatter with meditation, which is like a mental shower. Chanting mantra, or sacred sounds, helps us to focus the mind. Meditation may be practiced silently or with mantra. Breath and meditation are powerful change agents.

Beginners welcome.  You are invited to explore!

Private meditation sessions are available over Zoom during COVID-19.


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